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Academic Areas: Software Engineering

Research Interests: Digital technology and domain engineering, service and application of software and etc.

Academic Degrees

PhD in Mechanical Engineering, 2004, Huazhong University of Science and Technology.

Professional Experience

Professor (2001-present): School of Software Engineering, HUST

Selected Publications

1. Xiao Laiyuan ,Liao Daoxun. Theory of Digitized Conjugate Surface and Solution to Conjugate Surface. Wuhan University Journal of Natural Science, 2005, 9(2):183-187

2. Zuo Weiwei, Xiao Laiyuan, Liao Daoxun. Statistical strength analyses of the 3D- braided composites. Composites Science and Technology, 2007, 67(10): 2095~2102

3. Xiao Laiyuan ,Zuo Weiwei,Liao Daoxun. Statistical Model of the 3-D Braided Composites Strength. Wuhan University Journal of Natural Sciences,2007,12(6):1077-1082

4. Xiao Laiyuan, Zuo Weiwei, Liao Daoxun. 3D-Modeling and Simulation of Mechanics Properties Analysis for 3D-Braided Composites CNGV. The International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Software Engineering (cise 2009),IEEE Catalog Number: CFP0926H-CDR

5. Xiao Laiyuan, Zuo Weiwei, Liao Daoxun, Yang Jiajun. Digital Model of Probability Distribution for Residual Stiffness and Fatigue Life of 3-D Braided Composites. The International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Software Engineering (cise 2011),IEEE Catalog Number: CFP1126H-CDR

6. Xiao Laiyuan, Kou Xiaofei, Zuo Weiwei. Study On the Simulation of 3-D Braided Composites Braiding Process. Computer Engineering & Science,2014,36(4):719-724

7. Li Yingzhi,Xiao Laiyuan. A Study on the Smart City Server System Based on Context-aware Technology. Computer Engineering & Science,2016,38(3):443-448

Courses Taught

0835211: Software Project Management

0813641: Information Catch & Communication Skills

921.513: E-government

921.521: Writing of Technological Thesis


1. Pithead Power Plant Safety Management Information System (enterprise support project, 2007-2008).

2. Fixed Asset Management System Development and Application for Armed Forces (national defense project, 2009-2010).

3. Digital Design of Aerospace-purpose New 3D-Braided Composite Materials and Its Application (a project funded by Central Government to support scientific research of higher institutions, 2010-2011).

4. Digital Design Theories and Methods of New 3D-Braided Composite Materials and Their Applications (a project funded by National Science Foundation of China, 2011-2012).

5. A Study on the System Framework of Decision Support System of City Management Based on Electronic Decision Theater (enterprise support project, 2013-2014).

6. Research and Development of Power Distribution Network Safety Management System (enterprise support project, 2015-2016).

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