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Academic Areas: Software Engineering

Research Interests: Object oriented technology, Advanced web technology , Software system research and development based on web technology

Academic Degrees

MS in Communication Software & Networks, 2006, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

BS in Computer Engineering, 1980, Huazhong University  of Science and Technology, China

Professional Experience

Associate Professor (2007-present), School of SoftwareEngineering, HUST, China

Associate Professor (1994-2007), Department of Computer, HUST, China.  Reacher, Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore during  1998-2006

Lecture (1987-1994),  Department of Computer, HUST, China

Selected Publications

1. Ren Hongping, Yin Shenming. A Method of Nonlinear Optimization Based on Neural Network.  Computer Research and Development, Vol. 22, No.6, 1995

2. Ren Hongping, Jiang Degui. Design and Realization of HIS Based on Switched Ethernet.  Application Research of Computer, July 1997

3. Ren Hongping, Ji Yifu. Realization of Dynamic Criteria Query in Power Builder. Computer Engineering, 1997.

4. Ren Hongping. Object Oriented Programming . Huazhong University  of Science and Technology Press,  Sep,  2010

5. Ren Hongping, Jin Biao. Research  on LOD terrain real-time rendering technology Based on the 4 quadtree .  Journal of Huazhong university of science and technology, Feb, 2011:6-10

6. Ren Hongping, Zhou Ben, Online interactive design and implementation of Virtual campus. Computer Engineering and Science, Vol.33 No.11, 2011:117-122

7. Ren Hongping, Ran Peng. An Improved Data Mining Algorithm Based on Distributed Computation. International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Software Engineering,Produced by IEEE eXpress Conference Publishing,Vol 2, Dec,  2011

8. Ren Hongping. Object Oriented Programming Tutorial. Tsinghua University Press, Nov,  2012

9. Ren Hhongping, Zhang Fan. Form custom configuration and reverse of data set based ondorado. Journal of Computer Applications, Vol.33,  Suppl.1, Jun,  2013:118-120

10. Ren Hhongping, Shen Rui, Zhi Meng. Explore and practice of special research teaching methods.  Journal of Higher Education,  18,  2016:157-159.

Courses Taught

0802303 Object Oriented Programming (undergraduate)

1327331 Course Exercise Syllabus of Object Oriented Programming (undergraduate)

921.542 Advanced Web Technology and Application (graduate)

921.510 UML modeling and design (graduate)

0809312 Digital Logic (undergraduate)

0800141 Computer Networks (undergraduate)


1. Artificial neural computing basic research. 863 Programs Foundation, 1993-1994

2. Research and implementation of XF Hospital MIS. Software development project, 1995-1997

3. Research on Web Portal. Informatization construction fund of Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore, 1999-2000

4. Research and implementation of eAsset management system. Informatization construction fund of Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore, 2002-2004

5. E-Learning assisted by Mobile Agent. Informatization construction fund of Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore, 2005-2006

6. National characteristic specialized courses construction for Digital media technology. Fun of Ministry of Education, 2009-2011

7. The construction of fine textbook "object-oriented programming". Fund of teaching quality engineering of HUST, 2010-2012

8. Java API using pattern search tool technology. Software development project, 2013-2014

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