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Academic Areas: Software Engineering

Research Interests: Digital Image Processing, Information Security, Pattern Recognition

Academic Degrees

PhD in Pattern Recognition and Intelligent Control, 2006, Huazhong University of Science and Technologe

MS in Computational Mathematics, 1997, Huazhong University of Science and Technologe

BS in Mathematics, 1986, Central China Normal University

Professional Experience

1986-2000, Wuhan Urban Construction Institute, Department of Basic Sciences

2000-2006, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Department of Mathematics

20061-present, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, School of Software Engineering

Selected Publications

1. Lu Li, Liu Jianglin, Wang Nengchao. A Fast Algorithm for Point Processing. In: Proceedings of ICSP, 1996: 1625-1627

2. Lu Li, Li Qing, Wang Nengchao. Parallel Algorithm of Computing Kirsch Operator Using PVM. Signal Processing, 1997, 13(4): 363-368

3. Lu Li, Wang Nengchao. Parallel Algorithm for Template Mating. China Journal of Image and Graphics, 1997, 2(2-3): 129-132

4. Lu Li, Wang Nengchao. Fast Algorithms Design for Discrete Haar Transform. China Journal of Image and Graphics, 1998, 3(4): 290-294

5. Lu Li, Shi Baochang, Wang Nengchao. Completeness and Orthogonality of WALSH-HAAR Function  Family. J. of  Math. (PRC), 1998, 18(S1): 15-17

6. Lu Li, Shi Baochang, Wang Nengchao. Fast Algorithm of Discrete Ter Transform. MATHEMATICS IN PRACTICE AND THEORY, 2004, 34(3): 79-82

7. L. Lu, B. Shi, J. Tian, J. Liu. Fast algorithm of discrete Walsh-Haar transformation. In: Proceedings of SPIE, 2005, Vol. 5985: 59853G1-5

8. Lu Li, Shi Baochang, Wang Nengchao, Tian Jinwen, Liu Jian. Fast Algorithm of Discrete Walsh-Haar Transformation. Journal of Electronics & Information Technology, 2006, 28(7): 1192-1195

9. Lu Li, Wang Yongtao, Wang Nengchao, Tian Jinwen, Liu Jian. Cloud removal from satellite imagery based on SUSAN algorithm. Journal on Communications, 2006, 27(8): 160-164

10. Jiang Chuanwei, Lu Li. Application of Tensor Voting in License Plate Recognition System. MATHEMATICA APPLICATA, 2006, 19(s): 129-132

11. Lu Xiaoyan, Lu Li, Shi Baochang. Walsh- Haar Type Transform Based Edge Detection. Computer Engineering and Applications, 2006, 42(34): 23-25

12. Lu Li, Shi Baochang. Fast Algorithm of (k, k – 1) Type Discrete Walsh-Haar Transformation and Application in Image Edge Detection. In: Proceedings of SPIE, 2011, Vol. 8006: 80062N1-7

Courses Taught

Discrete Mathematics (0700181)

Mathematical Modeling (0804102)

Digital Image Processing (0814211)


1. Research on fast algorithm in high-performance computing, National 863 plan project (863-306-ZD-01-08),1996-1998

2. Research on super resolution satellite image processing technology, Civilian space programme funded projects, 2001-2003

3. Research on fast algorithm and its application in high performance computing, Natural Science Foundation of China (60473015), 2005-2007

4. Research on spaceborne intelligent image processing and application, National key pre-research project, 2002-2010

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