Phone: 86-27-87792252

Email: caohua226@hust.edu.cn

Academic Areas: Computer System Structure

Research Interests: Image and Video Processing, Visual Cognition, Embedded System Development, Games Design, Multi-core and Parallel Programming

Academic Degrees

PhD in Computer System Structure, 2006, Huazhong Univ Sci Tech, Wuhan, China.

MS in Systems Analysis, 1996, Hubei Univ, Wuhan, China.

BA in Automatic Control, 1992, Huazhong Univ Sci Tech, Wuhan, China.


Professional Experience

Lecturer (2006-present), Huazhong University of Science and Technology, School of Software Engineering.

Research Associate (1996-2002), Wuhan research Institution, Fiber Home Inc.

Electrical engineer (1992-1996), Fotao Group., Ltd

Selected Publications

1. Cao Hua, et al: A New still image watermark embedding algorithm based on fractal transformation. ISIMP 2004, 627-630.

2. Cao Hua, et al: An Implement of Fast Hiding Data into H.264 Bitstream based on Intra-Prediction Coding. MIPPR 2005, Vol.6043: 60430I-1-60430I-4

3. Cao Hua, et al: New image watermark embedding algorithm based on fractal Transformation contrast factor. Computer Applications. 2005, 25(5): 1135-1137.

4. Cao Hua, et al: Implement of Semi-Fragile Blind Watermark Algorithm for H.264 Low Bit-Rates Video Stream. ACTA Electronica Sinica. 2006, 34(1): 40-44.

5. Cao Hua, et al: Service-Oriented Transparent Interconnection between Data-centric WSN and IP networks. ICECE2010, 1884-1887.

6. Cao Hua, et al: OpenMP Parallelization of Jacquin Fractal Image Encoding. ICEEE 2010, 3859-3862.

7.  Cao Hua, et al: Implement Research of Fractal Image Encoding Based on OpenMP Parallelization Model. ICEICE2011, 462-465.

8. Cao Hua, et al: Multicore computing for SIFT Algorithm in MATLAB® Parallel Environment. ICPADS 2012, 924-929.

9. Jiazhong Chen, Zengwei Ju, Hua Cao,.etc:  A Lifting Scheme of Symmetric-antisymmetric Multiwavelet Transform for Image Coding, Circuits Syst Signal Process (2012) 31:1887–1900.

10. Jiazhong Chen, Hua Cao, et al: Non-attention Region First Initialization of k-means Clustering for Saliency Detection. IET, Electronics Letters, 49(22): 1384-1386, 2013.

11. Cao Hua, et al: Development and Evaluated for Intracranial Aneurysm Imaging Reconstruction Algorithm by 320 Slice Dynamic Volume CT. ICOT 2014, 113-116.

12. Jiazhong Chen, Hua Cao, et al:  Investigation of Mobile Surroundings for Visual Attention Based on Image Perception Model. VCIP 2016, 27-30.

13. Jiazhong Chen, Hua Cao, et al: Image Dimming Perceptual Model Based Pixel Compensation and Backlight Adjustment. IEEE Journal of Display Technology, 11(9): 744-752, 2015.


Courses Taught

921.516: Advanced Operation System

0821121:Introduction to Embedded System

0804321:Human-Computer Interaction

0821091:Multi-core and Parallel Programming

0821001:Fundamentals of Game Engines


1. The development of H.264 video streaming server based on ADI 561. Joint Project with Singapore Technology Bureau ASTAR, 2003-2004.

2. Research on Network Multimedia copyright tracking and monitoring system. National 863 High Technology R&D Program, 2004-2006.

3. H.264 Decoding in RISC. Chrontel., Ltd, 2006-2007.

4. Research on H.264 Bit-rates Control Optimization Algorithm. Huawei Technology Funds, 2008-2009.

5. Research on Multimedia sensitive content awareness, recognition, retrieval and analysis under Network big data Environment, Natural Science Foundation of China, 2012-2015.

6. Research on Quality Improvement of Perception Model under Mobile Environment. Key Laboratory Open Funds of Beijing Modern Computer Science and Network Technology, 2009-2010.

7. Study on Image Processing under Mobile Environment. Huawei Technology Funds, 2008-2009.

8. Study On Select Adaptively and Blocking Artifacts Reduction of Transformational Matrix in Video Encoding. Natural Science Foundation of Hubei, 2013-2014.

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