Huazhong University of Science and Technology, is one of the leading education and research centers for software engineering fields in China. The School consists of 25 full time faculty members, 20 administrative and technical staff members, and a number of adjunct and visiting professors from both industry and academia, within China and from the USA, Japan, India and Australia. The current enrollment includes more than 800 undergraduate students, and about 500 postgraduate students. The School provides two undergraduate degree programs in software engineering and digital media technologies. At the postgraduate level, the master’s and doctoral degrees in software engineering are offered.

 The professors in the School are associated with research areas, working on the state-of-the-art projects in big data, machine intelligence, virtual reality, software engineering, network and information security, embedded systems and information management engineering. The center labs host over 500 computers, among which many are multi-processor servers, as well as the broadband and wireless network facilities. Students are encouraged to use the equipment and instruments in the open labs, like motion-capture and digital media lab and embedded systems lab to test their creative ideas. The School also runs four joint labs, with the co-operations from Intel, Microsoft, Siemens, and Mitsubishi.

 Established in 2002, as one of the 35 state exemplary software schools chartered by the Ministry of Education, the School enjoys a high reputation as a pilot in the practice-oriented engineering education. All postgraduate level students are required to spend one year participating in real projects in industry before coming back to the School for their thesis work. Undergraduate students have opportunities to receive practical skills training either on campus or working as interns in software companies. As a result of their hands-on experience, many students won titles in various international and national software development competitions. In 2009, the School was rated among the top 10 most competitive software schools in job market by China Competition Forum..

 Most of the 3000 graduates from the School are now managers, engineers, and entrepreneurs in global software industry, while some are pursuing higher degrees in China and overseas. These alumni form a powerful network, continuing to support the School to fulfill its mission and objectives:

  • To provide professional education in software engineering and related areas.
  • To innovate in science and technology on software engineering.
  • To serve the local and national software industry and society.